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  • Point of Sale & Display
  • Print & Signage
  • Visual Merchandising & Windows
  • Design
  • Digital & Tech Integration
  • Outdoor Media
  • Pop Ups & Expo Stands


  • Production
  • Installation & Maintenance
  • Warehousing
  • Pick & Pack
  • Distribution


  • Shopper Marketing
  • Design
  • Digital & Tech development & integration
  • Offshore Manufacturing
  • Offshore Sourcing

It takes a lot of research, brainstorming and innovative ideas to stand out in the current retail environment. Scroll down to see what our product offering is at ACTIVE, or download our product brochure.

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Our Products

A list of our product offerings

retail point of sale
& display

retail point of sale & display


We get ahead of the game offering anything from static to motion or digitally & technologically integrated. Our in-house marketing, design and tech integration team can bring to life retail displays that create unforgettable experiences.

• Interactive permanent displays
• Metal, Timber, Fabric & Plastic displays
• Cardboard displays
• FSDU’s
• Dump Bins
• Coolio & Chilled solutions
• Pallet Displays
• Counter Displays
• Glorifiers
• Aisle Archways
• Shelf Strips
• Vibration & Motion Activation
• POP ups
• Sample Units
• Floor Decals
• Digital & Tech integration
• Sampling units & Stations

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Visual Merchandising, windows & permanent displays


Online retail has changed the way people shop their physical stores and you only get once chance to create memorable impact. Shoppers want from their bricks and mortar stores what online cannot offer – a full sensory & tangible experience.

We understand what you need and therefore can ensure your visual merchandising, windows, store design and permanent displays bring your brand to life in the most appealing and functional way possible.

Metal, timber, fabric & plastic

• Propping
• Plinths
• Signage
• Pop-up shops & store in store
• Temporary Displays
• Reframe & Octanorm

Cutting and Fabrication

• Signage and spray painting
• Plastic vacuum forming
• Acrylic plastic fabrication
• CNC timber routing
• Signage and Vinyl cutting
• Automatic die cutting machinery

Digital, interactive & technology

• Augmented Reality
• Digital Interactive displays
• Digital signage
• LED & Smart lighting solutions
• Kinetic light solutions
• Video displays for shelving

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Digital & Tech integration

On its own, digital screens, lighting, sounds or static technology mean nothing to a customer without meaningful content. That’s why we offer the best end-to-end digital production experience – we work together with our other content and digital agencies under WPP AUNZ to help you create magical experiences.


• Large digital screen range
• Small digital screen range
• Flexible curving screens
• Hanging and mobile screens
• Augmented reality
• Artificial intelligence
• RFID intuitive interactions
• Digital kiosks & navigation totems
• Video walls
• Smart mirror
• Multi-touch tables
• Digital thermometres
• Kinetic lighting
• 3D people counting solutions
• Touchless hand sanitiser stations
• Rear Projection
• Magnetic illuminating VM
• Lift & learn smart displays
• Contactless transactions
• Smart wearable displays
• Large outdoor and mobile digital screens
• Video shelf bars
• Interactive reaction walls
• Projection mapping
• Product spinning and levitating glorifiers
• Interactive sound and light shows

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Our passionate team of 25 in-house Graphic and Industrial Designers create innovative and forward thinking design solutions. Our designers sit with the wider team to brainstorm ideas, map out a path to purchase, draw up concepts, organise prototypes and assess feasibility to bring your campaign to life in the most creative and inspired way.

• Graphic and industrial design
• Cardboard Engineering
• Conceptual Design
• 3D Graphic Rendering & 3D In-store Simulations
• Technical Drawings
• Prototyping
• Digital and Tech Integration

print & signage


ACTIVE houses Australia’s largest and best equipped retail printing operation; offering the most highly advanced grand format digital printing facilities outside of Europe.
We offer a wide range of over grand format printing presses that are capable of meeting all promotion and POS printing requirements. In order to produce the most vivid print outcomes imaginable for clients, we continually invest in the latest technology and most highly advanced machines.

Print Solutions

• Large and Small format
• Digital Printing
• Offset printing
• In-store Point of Sale
• Large Window Posters
• Banners
• Outdoor Billboards
• Outdoor Banners
• Vinyl

Machinery & Capabilities

ACTIVE houses the region’s first 2 Inca Onset X Series UV flatbed printers that enable technology adoptions whilst also increasing capacity & quality.

X1 and X3:
• Prints high speed white
• Robotic automation
M-Press Tiger:
• High resolution flatbed digital & screen printing press
HP Scitex FB 11000:
• High resolution & High speed Digital flatbed printer
• High resolution 5 meter wide roll to roll banner & billboard printer
• High Resolution super wide Banner & Billboard Printer that can also print both outdoor and indoor display
Latex 3000
Latex 570

Our commitment to the enviroment

At ACTIVE, we commit ourselves to using ethical and sustainable materials where we can. We have commenced using a new stock called ACE OUTDOOR which is FSC® certified and 100% fibre based which is a great alternative to plastic for temporary outdoor signage and short term moisture sensitive signage/ packaging and displays.

outdoor media


Need to make large scale impact?
We house the best equipped outdoor media operation, offering the most advanced digital printing in the world.

Outdoor Media Signage Solutions

We have a large range of extra wide digital presses and welders for all out of home media printing:

• Street Furniture
• Billboards
• Bus Stop Boards
• Large format banner in front-lit, backlit, double sided back-lit and tri-vision system types.

POP Ups & Expo Sets


Surprise your visitors at your next expo or event. We create custom pop ups, marquees, large scale displays and signage for those who are curious.

AFI Branding is the leader in fabric signage for the retail, exhibition and event industry. An ACTIVE brand, AFI combines state of the art technology such as Reframe and Octanorm to present your brand story in the most visually spectacular way.

Did you know?

AFI Branding recently initiated their “be sustainable” fabric take-back program that will allow customers to return signage fabric to be recycled in Australia

• Flags
• Banners
• Portable or temporary marquees
• Indoor and outdoor signage
• Exhibition displays
• Pop up stores
• Specialty small and large event work
• ReFrame & Octanorm

Our Services

A list of our service offerings

Quality. It’s not a loose word. It’s of great importance to us and the core of our business and customer service. It’s something we stand for in everything we do and create.

production & installation



We want you to be confident that your brand is going to look it’s best when it’s in-store. Our in-house production facilities house state of the art machinery that is operated by a team that prides itself on quality and premium workmanship, and they’ll produce a prototype for you to approve prior to full production.

Because we have manufacturing and distribution facilities all over Australia, you can count on us that your creations will arrive in-store on time and in pristine condition.


We have more than 150 installers in all locations across Australia, including regional and remote areas to install all your hardware activations on time, efficiently and seamlessly:

• Signage installation
• Retail and commercial fit outs
• Visual Merchandising
• Exhibition installations
• Event installation and removals

markitforce logistics
and warehousing


ACTIVE’s brand Markitforce is a POS and product fulfilment specialist service. Through Markitforce, we store your point of sale material on site, sort it, pack it and get it to where you need it.

Inventory Management

Inventory management & warehousing store your materials securely and safely:

• 30,000+ pallet storage capability nationwide
• Microlistics – WMS
• Online ordering portal

Pick & Pack

• POS, Product, Pharma
• Destruction
• Event Management

Logistical Warehousing

• SA, NSW, VIC, QLD, WA and NZ
• ISO quality accreditation

Freight Distribution

• Freight management system with full reporting

WMS Portal

Access and manage your stock 24/7 with our online platform. WMS client facing portal captures warehouse & freight management designed to keep you informed at each point of the fulfillment process.


Climate Control:
We are Therapeutic goods administration (TGA) approved to store, pick, pack and distribute your schedule 4 pharmaceuticals to your sales representatives or direct to health care practitioners.

Out IT system, SOP’s and people are all focussed on quality. We are an ISO9001 certified organisation with rigorous staff training, good manufacturing practise (GMP), and good distribution practise (GDP) and quality management systems designed for continuous improvement.

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