create a safe & contactless
retail enviroment

create a safe & contactless
retail enviroment

Think outside the box:
New innovative activations.

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Promoting safe & hygienic retail spaces:
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Retail stores and businesses will be able to trade again soon, and it’s important that you gain your shoppers’ trust and confidence to build long term brand loyalty.

White paper:

Rebuilding consumer trust in times of crisis
White paper: Nailing consumer trust in times of crisis

Everyday Safe Range Catalogue

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Safe Range Product Specs

Product Specifications

What product solutions are in our catalogue?

Physical distancing signage:
• Floor Decals
• Window Decals
• Health Posters
• Hand Hygiene Mirror Decals
• Sanitiser Counter Cards

Digital Hygiene & Trade Solutions:
• Digital Hand Sanitiser Stations
• Sensor Hand Sanitiser Stations
• Digital People Counting Trackers
• Contactless Display Solutions

Hygiene & Trade Solutions:
• Hand Sanitiser and Wipe Station & Displays
• Sneeze Guards
• Merchandisable Sanitiser Displays
• Aisle and Queue Barriers
• Mobile and Pop-up Carts

Virtual Solutions:
• 3D Virtual Store Showrooms
• Online and Physical Omnichannel Integration

See the latest digital products here: integrating digital & physical to create safe customer connections.

The retail space has changed where safety, security, contactless connections & hygiene are most important across the consumer journey. We bring to you 6 of the latest digital & tech trends that keep safety in mind whilst also delivering a superior retail experience. Contact us to learn more.

Real Time virtual video assistant

Smart AI product recommender

Smart RFID product recommender

Secure & Smart wearable display

Voice assistant

3D people counter sensor

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Social Distancing & Hygiene Range

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