Project Description

Uniqlo Heattech Windows

The Challenge:
Stores are the heart of the UNIQLO brand, providing a space where customers can connect directly to the product and experience the service first hand. We had to create bold windows and the iconic UNIQLO ‘FISH TANK’ displays that expose the revolutionary ‘HEATTECH’ fabric technology and reinforce the brand’s unique style. Our objectives were to heighten UNIQLO’s presence by connecting with shoppers through their innovative ‘HEATTECH’ technology to generate awareness of new and broader ranges across 14 Australian stores.

The Activation:
UNIQLO generally uses colour to exhibit products; the products in windows are brightly coloured on a contrasting white backdrop to maximise shopper attention. Going into winter, we wanted the Heattech windows to entice shoppers and demand attention, like an open fire would on a cold, winters day. The use of thermal photography was essential in connecting shoppers to this warmth via an undeniable techy aesthetic. Considering you can only see images of people in such purples, yellows, oranges and reds with the help of special technology, you automatically realise that heat isn’t just generated through traditional bulky items, but through technology that is undetectable to the naked, human eye. These bold, thermal images draw customers in and piques their inquisitive minds, curious to know how these items will keep them warmer than others.

The Results:
The campaign successfully created attention grabbing displays that educated and communicated the symbiotic relationship between technology and warmth. The use thermal photography in the windows created an overall warmth and inviting ambience that drew customers off the streets and into stores.


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