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Star Wars Force Meter

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Background & Challenge:
Star Wars: The Force Awakens merchandising launch was expected to be the biggest new toy launch for 2015. The overall objective was to make the in-store merchandising activation worthy of the midnight store openings which was set to be one of the largest in retail history, with forecast Christmas-esquesales.

To create a stand-alone piece of Star Wars worthy fun and interactivity, bringing Star Wars shoppers together. The original idea was to measure the “Jedi Force” of an adult or child. Real Star Wars fun and fantasy!
KEY ICONIC THEMES: Superpowers –The Force. Weapons –Light SaberBuild Excitement and a sense of “cool” back into the franchise
CHALLENGES: How can we “educate” and encourage the “discovery” of the Star Wars Franchise How do we create “Father and Son moments” in-store? How do we “simply” portray the complexity of the plot line i.e. using humour and iconic scenes/ characters? How do we link in-store to catalogue/digital?

The Activation:
The creative brief was to create new compelling, engaging, unique, large scale elements. Flagship destinations received a premium offering of cutting-edge digital and interactive displays.

CONCEPT: Force Meter –A fantasy interactive display that measured “the force” of shoppers. The scores ranged from “Keep Training” to Maximum “JEDI Master.” The original idea involved standing on a spot in front of a display, and then a LED display would go up and down like a basic speedometer. This idea evolved into a more Star Wars centric idea of a hand hovering over the display to measure force.

• Metal base, MDF with 2 pac finish with digitally printed graphics applied.
• Acrylic panel with electronics and printed decals.

Capacitive sensor wire measures the presence of a human. This is placed behind the acrylic hand shape. When a hand hovers or is pressed against the acrylic, a LED interactive sequence is activated. This changed the colour of the hand from blue to red, activated a halo around the hand and the perimeter of the stand whilst waiting for the random/shuffled “Jedi force” evaluation.

Star Wars sound effects added to the experience. An MP3 player was synchronised with lights; Sounds of Light Sabers jousting worked in with the bouncing LED light meter, finishing with a crescendo as it settled into a score.


  • Interactive

  • LED

  • Touch

  • Sound

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