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Revlon Utopia

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Background & Objectives:
Revlon needed a highly adaptable, future-proof display to cater for quarterly updates quickly and cost-effectively. Impactful branding and communication spaces were required to futureproof units.

The Activation:
Fits into any existing store fixture giving Revlon complete control over their brand experience in every store.

The ultra-sexy, deep-matt black and clear acrylic aesthetic, emphasises lux appeal. Revlon products stand out as the design doesn’t take on the reflections of surrounding displays.

UPDATEABLE: Construction is both flexible and user-friendly, making planogram changes by installers, merchandisers and retailers quick and easy. A 300mm wide (1-foot) injection moulded PETG display tray solution makes updates easier and more flexible than the previous 600mm wide ones. Swapping out smaller trays is a big market advantage to install and update across the 4 different unit sizes.

The Results:
The Revlon Utopia Wall Display is a world class ‘best of the best’ smart solution for brand, product, flexibility, updatabilty, and shop-ability. The new display adapts with the fast pace of the cosmetic market place. Every shelf is powered, making digital screens and lightbox additions 100% available to merchandisers from the front of the display without dismantling. The deep-matt black aesthetics of new display makes it ultra-sexy and with no reflections, it’s easy to read brand communication elements. The displays upmarket appearance sets it apart from the competition. A 7% swing in Sales Dollars and a 13% swing in Sales Volume. This in a week where the market was awash with aggressive marketing as is normally the case in June. “Very pleasing indeed!” BIG W COSMETICS BUYER


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