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OAK Terminator Genisys Standee

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Oak Flavoured milk has been an Australian favorite for more than 40 years. In 2015 OAK entered a Partnership with the new installment of the Terminator movie franchise – Terminator Genisys. The two products shared a similar target audience and it was Oaks aim to capitalize on the cut through that this partnership would give the brand in a cluttered retail environment.

On the go products are highly popular with 18-24 year olds, but the chilled section of supermarkets don’t often attract this consumer. OAK wanted to use the obvious cues of the main character to attract attention of 18-24 year old males with a brand partnership that was of interest to them. It was also important to keep the feel of cinematic POS displays that would not normally be seen in retail, but the target audience associate with cinema lobby displays.

The Challenge:
The objective was to get POS collateral OFF-SHELF and OUT of the fridge. As a refrigerated product there were restrictions with the display material that could be used.

The Activation:
We created the standard suite of posters, wobblers and decals etc. These were used at POS (fridge), but we needed to create standalone pieces for front of store and in as many locations in-store as possible – we needed to get creative to get buy in from store managers.
Key POS communication – “grab a specially marked Oak and terminate hungry thirsty to win the ultimate stunt experience in LA.”

MAIN SOLUTION: ‘Terminate HungryThirsty’ standee. This took design cues from 3D standees usually seen in the cinema lobby and the use of LED pulsing light in the eye really grabbed attention. We achieved this using a 10mm LED centred in the middle of folded mirrored board to expand and refract the light giving it a bigger representation (not unlike how a hand torch works) the pulse was controlled by a microprocessor that slowly glowed up and down powered by 2 x AA batteries that would run for 3 months continuously.

We also created bollard standees in the shape of oversize oak cartons. This gave the rep the flexibility to use different types of POS depending on size/value of store. These were made from corflute to make them durable as they were in high traffic areas. All of these elements combined, enabled us to get over our major hurdle when it comes to placing POS away from the fridge – the retailers’ reluctance to give up space to non-direct selling displays. We placed over 800 of the TERMINATE HUNGRYTHIRSTY DEAD standees in the market nationally. The uniqueness and theatre that these standees embodied meant they were a must have for the retailer, and they drove people to shop the whole store to Terminate HungryThirsty dead.


  • Retail point of sale

  • Interactive display

  • Digital integration

  • Print

  • Innovation

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