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The Challenge:
NBN Co was established in 2009 to design, build and run Australia’s wholesale broadband access network and ensure all Australians have access to “fast broadband as soon as possible, at affordable prices, and at least cost”. Despite significant media attention, there are some who consider the benefits associated with the nbn™ access network as abstract and futuristic. Demonstrating some of the possibilities unlocked by having an nbn™ connection, provides consumers with this experience firsthand. A physical BTL platform was needed to create dialog and educate potential consumers about the network. We needed to promote the new broadband network across major metro areas. A brief was created for the experiential solution to attract, inform, demonstrate and convert potential nbn™ customers.

The Activation:
We created an experiential kiosk in a shopping mall space. The bold presence of the nbn™ Discovery Kiosk design and construction is centred around a large backlit logo at the top of a house roof peak. The house form relates to nbn™ within the home whilst also educating and demonstrating uses for entertainment and business. Engagement from afar using backlit logo and interesting colour change on house frame, with perimeter graphics and dynamic signposts. Navigation was aided with area header tabs (home/ business/ entertainment), colour coded mats with area detail. The unit house product demonstrations and informational graphics with screens with looping content. We also created the unit to be scalable to suit different spaces with each area set up as ‘stand-alone’, to allow maximum flexibility.

The Results:
The nbn™ Discovery Kiosks were deployed to QLD, NSW, VIC, SA and WA shopping centres, such as Westfield and Garden City for three month durations. The objective was to drive awareness, with intent to connect. As we don’t sell products or services to consumers, it needed to be a true brand experience, not a sales channel.
The kiosks were an integral part of talking about the nbn™ service in a physical environment that makes sense to everyday users. With the underpinning objective of taking “awareness to connection”, the results can be quantified using these four pillars;
1. ATTRACTION –The kiosk created excitement that converted passing traffic to visitation.
2. INFORMATIVE –Consumers overwhelmingly visit the sites to check their addresses. Visitors were educated about today’s benefits and how nbn™ works with current and future technology.
3. EXPERIENTIAL –The activation provided an immersive experience that created a deeper understanding and desire to connect to nbn™.
4.CONNECTION –Kiosk visitors understood speed tiers and felt empowered to connect.

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