Project Description

Myer Frankston Clearance Centre

The Challenge:
Drawing inspiration from Nordstrom’s specialised clearance stores in the US, Myer’s new sale outlet is being billed as “the first line of defence against Amazon”.

As the climate of shopping has slowly reorientated toward online shopping, shoppers need more reasons to come into brick and mortar stores. Although some retailers with non-commoditised or premium products may not be effected by Amazon, there are areas’ for improvement within the physical store discount commodity products space.

Myer’s reasons to create new Clearance Centre:
Prepare for arrival of Amazon in the Australian market. Amazon has shown its’ intend to enter into the bricks and mortar space with the take-over bid of Whole Foods Market in the US.
• Create permanent Clearance destination stores;
• To offer best value all year round
• Make room for new stock at flagship stores
• Offer brands and products to Clearance centre locations that drive new business

The Activation:
‘Clearance Centre’ is splashed with bright yellow signage which is totally disruptive and new to Myer. Hazard tape themes and flashing lights are incorporated into the overall brand look and feel, creating an instant subconscious beacon to Myer shoppers that this is in fact a designated discount zone. We created:
• “Call to action” signage and displays start from windows, entrances and lead all the way though the store to second level.
• Entrance piece – Iconic Flexible LED coat hanger
• Fixtures – Powder-coated yellow cloths fixtures
• Wall decals
• Security gate covers
• Escalator decals
• Designer Hazard tape defining zones and product props
• Drop banners
• Hanging arrow signage
• Fabric ReFrames and decorative hazard lights
• Directional signage.

The Results:
The Myer Frankston Clearance Centre is foot traffic was up and sales from 18-25-year-olds was up 40 per cent! These new shoppers are being drawn in by brands not typically available before, at this Myer outlet.


  • Retail point of sale

  • Print

  • Indoor Signage

  • Design

  • Fashion

  • Department Store

  • Installation

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