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Logitech Game with Passion

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Background & Objectives:
Logitech is a global provider of personal computer and mobile accessories. Logitech designs products that have an everyday place in people’s lives – creating new experiences across music, gaming, video, smart home, and computing. Game with Passion (Logitech G) is the range of Logitech’s winning gaming devices. Products; mice, keyboards, headsets and controllers. Before 2016, Logitech wasn’t using interactive displays in the gaming area in most countries. This decision created a pocket of marketing opportunity to create interactive innovations that allowed consumers to interact with top of the line products before buying. This prompted the insight that the high-end Logitech G products are worth the cost, against the competitors, and therefore increase market position.

The Activation:
The display had to deliver a shopping experience through optimization of a touch and feel display experience and showcase the 7.1 sound quality of the headset.

Design impact – Durable, MDF carcass with graphic adaptability at rear panel and shelf level to aid navigation to customer. Interactive podium display highlights live products. Headset plays 7.1 demo of sound quality at touch of a button. Stock weight – Designed and tested for up to 50KG shipper unit, 15 KGs for additional family stand

CAMPAIGN ADAPTABILITY both graphically and digitally. Screen adaptability with rear USB connection. Simple plug and play at store level to reveal new product features FULL ENGAGEMENT of powered products show them in live demo mode with the aid of customised Raspberry PI

SHOPABIILTY – Graphic navigation at shelf level. Illuminated product platform performs with stopping power drawing customer in with brand colour. Function & education – Functional in foot print to work at shelf level as on floor stand, graphics driving product key features and compounded with video validation. Seamless integration within retail space with striking brand impact.

Logitech are more easily able to negotiate and obtain larger and more prominent locations within stores due to the premium displays. The Logitech displays have progressively been discussed in retail trend news outlets. Retailers are counting on these new trends to make bricks-and-mortar win over online.

EFFICIENCIES: A combination of clever universal adaptable design, planning and usage guides, has enabled us to provide bulk ordering for the entire Asia Pacific region (Australia, Hong Kong, Thailand, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia).

ADVANCED INTEGRATED TECHNOLOGY: The development of the electronics within the unit in order to play 7.1 or 4.1 sound using a simple toggle to make it fit a range of headsets, allows the display to be customised to each retailer and/or geographical location.

ADAPTABLE: The top plate is also interchangeable to fit different sizes of keyboards and still keep the clean illumination around the product, allowing more flexibility in each market/retailer.

The Results:
90 of the premium interactive displays were executed in the Australian market initially across Harvey Norman, followed by a serge in JB and other top gaming retailers. REASONS FOR SWIFT UPTAKE

1. POPULAR WITH SHOPPER – INTERACTIVITY – Providing shoppers with the reason to come into the store. Millennials in particular want to experience products before buying them.

SHOPPING BY FAMILY NOT INDIVIDUAL PRODUCTS: The family gaming stand has delivered a shopping experience through optimisation of a touch and feel display experience along with an extensive instructional guide for each product.

2. POPULAR WITH RETAILER – EASY RETAIL USAGE GUIDES: Stands were promoted through the most effective ‘plain English’ style instructional guides that Logitech had used at store level before. This took much of the mystery away about how to use the displays.

SILENT SALES ADVOCATE: Retailers love the ability for this display to co-promote cross the range.

The displays are updateable, flexible and current. This has allowed many countries, who are now looking at making updates to the displays, focus on the full range of headsets available.


  • Retail point of sale

  • Permanent

  • Visual Merchandising

  • Design

  • Display

  • Consumer Electronics

  • Gaming

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