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Arnott’s Tim Tam – 3 Wishes

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Winter is a valuable time for the chocolate category, with sales increasing by +23% vs the rest of the year. Tim Tam is a key brand in chocolate. An iconic, well-loved Australian brand which over 50% of Australians purchase on a yearly basis. The Tim Tam – 3 Wishes campaign was designed to create a compelling point of difference between Tim Tam and macro choc competitors to encourage shoppers to switch to Tim Tam.

The Tim Tam shopper is “promiscuous”, meaning they shop across a repertoire of macro choc products (blocks, share packs, boxed choc, choc biscuits) and annually spend $125 on macro choc, of which only 10% is spent on Tim Tam and this number is in decline vs YA.

The Challenge:
Macro choc market share: hold share
• Sell through: all promotional packs sold prior to competition completion on the 31st July
• Display target: 85% of all Woolworths / Coles / Independent grocery supermarkets

The Activation:
• Highly engaging / impactful displays that disrupt the shopper at point of purchase
• Creative – Distinctive creative territory drawing inspiration from Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory golden ticket hunt. Campaign was designed to elicit hype and frenzy around finding the “golden Tim Tam” with a call to action to purchase the product for a chance to win $100k. Secondary engagement hook of insta-win secondary prize by Shazaming a purchased pack to win 1 of 3 per day (a year’s supply of Tim Tam biscuits).
• Engagement – Exciting and distinctive visual asset of the open golden Tim Tam pack which links to what shoppers are hoping to find instore. Visual asset is used on all POS items and campaign material.
(Winning tray of golden Tim Tam is made of real gold leaf)
• Impactful 3D dye cut spectacular design with clear and simple messaging of call to action “Find the Golden Tim Tam” on all POS items. Developed new modular display design which is easily expandable to larger sizes and therefore suitable to multiple locations instore

The Results:
1. Macro choc market share: increased by over 5% vs prior period.
2. Sales:
• The highest selling Tim Tam winter activation ever
• Promotional packaging product sold through 3 weeks earlier than expected
• Sales were highly incremental to Tim Tam, bringing in new users
• AWOP increased vs prior period
3. Display Target: +10,000 displays in grocery supermarkets
4. Engagement: Shazam Australia’s highest ever number of consumers engaged with a campaign – over +225,000 unique users.
5. Cost: delivered to campaign target


  • Retail point of sale

  • Display

  • Print

  • 3PL

  • Warehousing

  • Pick and Pack

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