markitforce logistics
and warehousing


ACTIVE’s brand Markitforce is a POS and product fulfilment specialist service. Through Markitforce, we store your point of sale material on site, sort it, pack it and get it to where you need it.

Inventory Management

Inventory management & warehousing store your materials securely and safely:

• 30,000+ pallet storage capability nationwide
• Cool room designed for sample pharamaceutical products
• Microlistics – WMS
• Online ordering portal

Pick & Pack

• POS, Product, Pharma
• Destruction
• Event Management

Logistical Warehousing

• NSW, VIC and QLD
• ISO quality accreditation

Freight Distribution

• Freight management system with full reporting
• National and Global distribution

WMS Portal

Access and manage your stock 24/7 with our online platform. WMS client facing portal captures warehouse & freight management designed to keep you informed at each point of the fulfillment process.


Climate Control:
We are Therapeutic goods administration (TGA) approved to store, pick, pack and distribute your schedule 4 pharmaceuticals to your sales representatives or direct to health care practitioners.

Out IT system, SOP’s and people are all focussed on quality. We are an ISO9001 certified organisation with rigorous staff training, good manufacturing practise (GMP), and good distribution practise (GDP) and quality management systems designed for continuous improvement.

OH&S accreditation:
MARKITFORCE are certified to ISO 45001:2018 OHS Management Systems.

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