Retail Point of Sale Display

We help you get ahead of the game by offering anything from static to motion or digitally integrated in-store displays. Our inhouse marketing, design and tech integration team can bring to life retail displays that create unforgettable experiences.


Cardboard Point of Sale Displays:

  • FSDU's, Dump Bins, Pallet Displays, Counter Top Displays, Glorifiers, Aisle Archways, Standees, Shelf Strips, Security covers.

Interactive Displays:

  • Vibration and motion sensor solutions, shelf lighting, digital and tech integrated, motion floor decal projectors. 

Permanent Displays:

  • metal, timber, fabric or plastic stands, digital and tech integrated, plastic vacuum forming, acrylic plastic fabrication displays.

Category Solutions:

  • Coolio chilled display, pop ups, sampling stands, aisle fins and signage


Print solutions: Outdoor & Indoor


ACTIVE houses Australia’s largest and best equipped retail printing operation for both internal or external use; offering the most advanced grand format digital printing facilities
outside Europe. We offer a wide range of over 20 grand format printing presses capable of meeting all promotional and POS printing requirements, no matter how large or small the run size. In order to produce the most vivid print outcomes imaginable for clients, we continually invest in the latest technology and most highly advanced machines.

  • Large and small format
  • Digital printing
  • Offset and screen printing
  • In-store Point of Sale
  • In-store signage
  • Large Window Posters
  • Banners
  • Outdoor Billboards
  • Building signage
  • Outdoor Banners
  • Vinyl

Visual merchandising and windows:

Online retail has changed the way people shop their retail stores, which means you need to be visually impactful the
moment they see you. Whilst shoppers love the seamlessness of online retail, they still crave the social and sensory experience bricks and mortar offers that online shopping doesn’t. That’s why your store front windows, visual merchandising and store environment play such an important role in bringing your brand story to life.

  • Propping
  • Plinths
  • Signage
  • Pop-ups & store in stores
  • Temporary displays
  • ReFrame® & Octanorm
  • Augmented Reality
  • Digital interactive displays
  • Digital signage
  • LED & Smart lighting solutions
  • Kinetic light solutions
  • Video displays for shelving


Outdoor Media

Need to make large scale impact? We house the best equipped outdoor media operation; offering the most advanced digital printing in Australia.We have a large range of extra wide digital presses and welders for all out of home media printing:

  • Street Furniture
  • Billboards
  • Bus Stop Boards
  • Large format banners in front-lit, backlit, double sided backlit and tri-vision system types

Pop Ups and Expo Sets

Pop up, surprise and create impact with your event visitors. One of ACTIVE’s brands, AFI Branding is the leader in fabric
signage for the retail, exhibition and event industries. Our Brand AFI, combines state of the art technology present your brand story in the most spectacular way using innovative products such as ReFrame® & Octanorm

  • flags
  • banners
  • portable or temporary marquees
  • indoor and outdoor signage
  • exhibition displays pop up stores
  • specialty small and large event work
  • ReFrame® & Octanorm

Premiums and Packaging

Building lasting loyalty can be challenging. But helping your customer feel valued can enhance brand recognition and build a lasting relationship.

An ACTIVE brand, Premiums & Packaging by Active help complete the customer - brand journey through the art of ‘giving’. We work with you to create better awareness,
engagement, connection and trust through sourcing gifts, promo items and bespoke packaging, giving your customers something valuable and worth keeping.

  • promo items & packaging
  • Gift with purchase items
  • Prize pools
  • Sample packs
  • Direct mail
  • Bespoke labels and packaging
  • Seasonal gift packaging
  • Corporate gifting


Production & installation

We have all the facilities, machinery and team of production experts to make sure that what we send to store for you is off the highest calibre of quality from materials to workmanship. We have manufacturing and distribution facilities all over Australia ensuring your creations get to store on time and in pristine condition.

We have more than 150 Installers in all locations across Australia, including regional and remote areas to install all your hardware and activations on time, efficiently and seamlessly.

  • Signage installation
  • Retail and commercial Fit outs
  • Visual Merchandising
  • Exhibition Installations
  • Event Installation & removals


MARKITFORCE: Pos Logistics, Warehousing and Distribution

ACTIVE's MARKITFORCE Point of Sale Logistics team are the experts in retail point of sale and product warehousing, chilled warehousing, pharmaceutical samples, pick & pack to final delivery. We ensure your activations get to store on time & in pristine condition to create the best customer experience. From the simple to the complex activations, ACTIVE have the systems, people and national footprint to reduce your stress levels and allow you to focus on your customers.

To read more about our POS Logistics, Warehousing and distributions brand, please click here.


Online Platform Access here: Markitezy

Access your stock 24/7 with our custom designed portal MARKITEZY. Check stock levels, place orders at your convenience, all with the peace of mind that only MarkitEzy can provide. For the busy Field Rep an iPad app version is available so you can check and place orders while on the run. 


We have unique capabilities from our competitors: 

We have great people and teams who help you innovate, create and activate:

  • Account Management 
  • Shopper Marketing & Insights
  • Design
  • Digital and Tech Intergration
  • Off shore sourcing and manufacturing



We develop our ideas and designs through a deep lateral thought process to make sure we give you more impactful possibilities that entice customers to stop and engage.


To help you visualise your impact, we produce prototypes first before we seamlessly bring your brand story to life. 


By weaving our intelligence, flawless workmanship and passion together, we help you activate unforgettable experiences that really do mesmerise.