Don't let your marketing activations go to waste due to logistical inefficiencies.

Markitforce is ACTIVE's Point of Sale Logistics brand and we're the experts in retail point of sale and product warehousing, chilled warehousing, pharmaceutical samples, pick & pack to final delivery.

We ensure your activations get to store on time & in pristine condition to create the best customer experience. From the simple to the complex activations, ACTIVE have the systems, people and national footprint to reduce your stress levels and allow you to focus on your customers.


Who are we?

We created a supply chain of Retail Marketing Distribution, Warehousing and Fulfilment experts, providing our clients with the best inventory management solutions available. Specialities include:








Why choose us?

We provide stress free fulfilment, storage and distribution allowing you to focus on marketing and your customers. Being part of Active means we can offer you end to end solutions from design, print, fulfilment, packing, distribution and installation.

For any questions, please contact us:

Peter ILIC, Sales Director - 3PL

P: +61 2 8572 7517
M: +61 404 820 000


Online Platform: Markitezy

Access your stock 24/7 with our custom designed portal MARKITEZY. Check stock levels, place orders at your convenience, all with the peace of mind that only MarkitEzy can provide. For the busy Field Rep an iPad app version is available so you can check and place orders while on the run. 




ACTIVE has a nationwide storage capacity with over 30,000 pallet spaces located in 37,000 square meters of warehouse space. That's approximately 7 football fields of warehouse space specially designed to store and fulfill anything from straight-forward to complex picking, packing and kitting work.

Our combination of state-of-the-art technology with an experienced and dedicated client service team focused on quality and service, enables us to manage your point of sales logistics requirements, seamlessly.




Warehouse Management Systems (WMS):

Our state-of-the-art paperless management system is designed for all stock received, orders processed and despatched and for complete accuracy and efficiency for every job. 

Inventory Management:

We are more than equipped to house any of your POS marketing material needs.

Freight Management:

Our dedicated Freight Management team manages the performance of our freight partners through regular contact and DIFOT reporting via our Freight Management System (FMS). All consignments are transmitted electronically and an Advance Shipping Notice (ASN) is emailed automatically to receivers with a tracking link.

Order Fulfilment, Kitting and Co-packing:

We can process your orders promptly to ensure your activations, campaigns and updates are executed on time. From the simplest of small orders, the complexities of multiple items and large number of addresses through to large Packed Dispatch Quantities (PDQ's) stocked with items destined for your retail floor, you can rely on our experienced warehouse packing teams.


Climate Control:

We are a Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) approved to store, pick, pack and distribute your schedule 4 pharmaceuticals to your Sales Representatives or direct to Health Care Practitioners.


Our IT systems, Standard Operating procedures (SoP's) and people are all focussed on quality. We are an ISO9001 certified organisation with rigorous staff training Good Manufacturing Practice (GDP) and quality managemnt systems designed for continuous improvement.