At ACTIVE we are not only committed to 100% compliance with all environmental regulations governing the conduct of our business, we are pro-active in our quest for continual improvement to operate in more environmentally friendly ways. 



Sustainability Focus Areas:

  • Energy efficient manufacturing

  • Recycling of manufacturing waste and by-products

  • Management of plant discharges to the sewer and the atmosphere

  • The suggestion and use of recyclable materials in production

  • Adopting manufacturing methods more readily permitting recycling at end-of-life

  • Quotation estimates to reclaim recyclable materials in goods no longer required

ACTIVE recieved POPAI's 2017 ENVIRONMENTAL STEWARDSHIP Award for our Myer A/W New Season Visual Merchandising. READ MORE ABOUT THIS ACTIVATION


Energy reduction initiatives:

  • LIGHTING: Use of energy efficient MV lighting in all manufacturing facilities

  • POWER SAVING: Energy waste minimalisation through automatic shut-down of non-essential power out of business hours (at main switchboards)

  • RECYCLING: All waste paper, plastic & metal products are collected and recycled

  • COMPLIANCE: All manufacturing plants hold current 'Trade Waste' agreements with local Water Authorities.


Designing for sustainability:

  • Where performance constraints permit, we will adopt mechanical fixing methods to join the various parts rather than adhesives.

  • Mechanical joins permit the dismantling of uncontaminated components at end-of-life to permit effective re-use and recycling.

  • Where possible, use redressible store fixtures. E.g. Wall prints - redressable frames


As POS and VM manufacturers, we have a commitment to keep supplying the most environmentally friendly VM solutions where possible, keeping in mind; recyclability, reusability, and energy efficiency at all times.

  • All waste paper products are collected and recycled
  • All fabric textile products are collected and recycled
  • All plastic offcuts are sorted, separately stored and collected for recycling
  • All aluminium offcuts & waste is collected & recycled
  • All corflute & multiflute waste is collected & recycled

We are currently working on a partnership with Textile Recyclers Australia with the aim of creating a solution that is both environmentally and financially viable. READ ABOUT AFI BRANDING  - ECO PARTNERS


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