Winning in the Toy Category –
Are you ready for Australia’s TOY SALE event?

May 14, 2019

• The Aussie Toy category is worth a huge $740m with a steep decrease of -3.3% in value sales since 2014 (2014-2019).
• Online is worth $77m in Australia with an annual growth from 2014-2019 of 8.5%.
• 2.6 million Australians buy toys or games in an average 4 week period.
• Building sets, play set dolls, collectables, water and sand toys are the fastest growing, whereas non collectable dolls, robotics, fashion dolls and dress ups are in decline.

Essentially, the toy category is suffering due to the underwhelming experience when they visit stores, when it should be the most exciting place on earth – think about Disneyland! The most immersive, wonderful, fun and mid blowing place in the world.

Yet, shoppers are frustrated with the in-store toy experience in many of our leading retailers – out of stocks, prices and navigation are the main concerns (Field Agent study, 2018).

So how can we help you enhance their experience and get some great results this Toy Sale season?

Let’s look at the Toy Shopper & Consumer – we’ve identified there are 3 of them:

1 Pre Planned Shopper: likely an adult purchasing a toy for a particular occasion
2 The Influenced by Fun Shopper: an adult who doesn’t necessarily plan to buy a toy on their visit, but will approach the toy fixture if a child is with them, or if something exciting catches their eye.
3 Consumer: The Kids!

What would our recommendations be? Let’s unlock all the possible opportunities – and they’re quite feasible!

• Provide Interactive solutions – better navigation and guidance to assist with the decision making process- this could be with Fins, Pelmets, Posters & floor decals and let it be fun and exciting! So don’t forget, these bits of real estate can be both appealing on the eye, but quite a sensory experience too – kids and adults don’t mind a bit of touch, feel, hear and play.

• Create hot spots – 78% of shoppers who shop the toy space aren’t engaged generally with toys, so showing what’s on trend, what’s new, or what’s most popular helps your shopper leave with a toy in hand.

• Don’t be afraid to play on the senses with some theatre – touch, play, feel, trial! Have a think about how you can immerse your shopper and child in an experience they won’t stop talking about – Augmented Reality, Lenticular imagery, movement, vibration, digital integration, videos and projections.

• Surprise and delight! What do shoppers love the most? an experience they didn’t anticipate.

Click below for some of our toy case studies:

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