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May 06, 2019

Why Video Content in physical retail is the future of retail marketing: A Case Study – Shiseido’s first to market Video Shelf Bar proven a success in Singapore.

Global Cosmetic Brand Shiseido is leading the way with the game-changing solution for delivering large-format FHD video messaging at the shelf.

Shiseido Singapore have introduced the Video Shelf Bar technology to the Asian market in conjunction with Asia’s leading Health and Beauty Retailer Watsons, to the Singapore marketplace. Recognising the importance of Brand Identity, Brand Connection, Product education at the critical Moment, is the reason why Shiseido chose to work with ACTIVE to access and implement this unique technology, which is a first on Asian shores. The beauty of the video shelf bar is that it is able to communicate various messages on multiple screens all viewed at the same time by the consumer. The success was astounding so much so that Shiseido Singapore is using the video shelf bar for their Sister Brand’s Senka, Anessa and Tsubaki. Each placement of the video shelf bar demonstrates the uniqueness of each brand’s products offerings. More importantly the video shelf bar demonstrates and educates the ‘how to apply’ which is very important for consumers.

Does Video Content work in a physical environment? The Answer is Yes, but it needs to be relevent to the shopper to have an effect.

With people being more connected, we automatically get drawn to visual material that is MEANINGFUL to us – this is how behaviours have changed.

Having a look at the online world (Forbes, 2018 article) :

• YouTube has an enormous audience – they reach 81.2% of internet users.
• 77% of businesses plan to expand their video content creation this year in 2019.
• 71%of marketers claim that video converson rates outperform all other forms of marketing and gain the best ROI
• 90% of customers say that video content, in-store and online helps them make purchasing decisions (Hubspot), because it helps with brand recall & strengthens key messaging.

The truth: Retail isn’t dead – Online retail gives people a different experience yes, but physical stores still hold majority of sales because people crave a social and physical experience.

However we have now seen a new behaviour appear called “Showrooming” and “Webrooming” when it comes to the moment of conversion to purchase. Those who showroom visit stores, have a ‘sensory’ experience and then go off to purchase online. Those who webroom gather their information from online, then go to store to purchase.

So where’s the opportunity with Video content? Bringing what people love about online to your stores, being interactive and visual content, means you can connect with the shopper in-store where the product is, enhance the experience and move them onto purchase. This is how you win your consumer.

According to experts, (Hubspot), visual content is gaining rapid popularity because audiences are looking for and viewing information in many different ways. Video screens in the retail space isn’t unique anymore, because from a shopper’s view “it’s now how I want to shop”.

We implemented a Video Shelf Bar with 7-Eleven across many of their stores in multiple zones.

They identified key zones around their store that required a different type of engagement ouside of shelf point of sale. We created specific content that highlighted key promotions and messaging in these different areas to engage with a specific audience – an audience that we know are highly engaged with video content online, and transform it into a retail space. The activation achieved what it needed to – it hung above coffee zones, vertically placed near Slurpiees, integrated into Gondola EndCaps and Fridge Toppers as well as at eye height level around the security counter area.

Interested in Video Shelf Bars? Contact us here, we’re more than happy to take your brand to the next level in-store.

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