Our Mulgrave facility houses Australia's largest and best equipped POP printing operation; offering digital printing and the most highly advanced screen-printing facilities outside Europe. We offer a wide range of over 20 screen and digital presses capable of meeting all promotional and POP printing requirements.

Paint  Screen  Tiger  Printed

Digital Print

Our large format digital capabilities includes Australia's fastest and most highly advanced digital press - the AGFA :M-Press Tiger digital-screen hybrid. The Tiger produces outstanding results with staggering 1260x720 dpi resolution enabling ultra sharp and vibrant images, double-hit backlit mode and in-line 5th colour or spot varnishing.

In addition to the tiger, we also operate 14 additional flat-bed and roll-to-roll digital machines allowing us to cater to all needs for substrate, resolution and finishing.


Screen Print

Our extensive screen-print capability includes Australia's largest, fully automatic 5 colour screen press, with a massive 2650mm x 1650mm print area - the same print size as our large format Tiger digital line.

Active Display Group is unrivalled in pure POP print capacity with 5 other large format screen print lines including two other 4-colour lines, and three 2-colour lines.

We recently commissioned Australia's newest multi-colour screen press - our Italian made SIAS Multigraphica, which is a smaller (1850mm x 1250mm) high-speed 'moving-table' machine able to print a high resolution, directly to substrates up to 50mm thick - such as foam boards. This direct print capability provides significant cost savings by avoiding mounting costs.

Screen Exposure

Our screen print production lines are supported by Australia's only two Luscher JetScreen Laser DX Computer to Screen exposure lines. These fully automatc lines allow us to produce screen prints at far higher resolution than any other printer in the country.

Our ability to produce high quality screen prints lets us provide high quality large format print at the most economical cost - as screen print becomes more cost effective than digital print above a run of around 150 prints. 

Printing with environment in mind

We also operate one of the most environmentally friendly POP screen printing plants in Australia using entirely UV cured inks, and reclaiming all screens through our French made Chim 92 closed loop screen cleaning line - with zero chemical discharge into the sewer. Our Chim 92 system is fully surfactant (soap) based and uses no Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC's) as are often present in the typical solvent based cleaning processes used by the majority of Australia's other screen printers.

Print trimming is completed using our wide range of guillotines and CNC point-to-point cutting tables. Our other finishing equipment includes an array of mounting, laminating and trimming machines and benches capable of handling materials up to 1,800mm wide by virtually unlimited length.