Get out of the cooler and get noticed!

The first portable, refrigerated display you can customise!

Coolio and Freshboard is very new to the Australian market. Innovative by design the Coolio cooler is a robust patented portable cooler that can be carried around in the back of a car and set up in minutes.

The cardboard or Freshboard top comes in 4 variations to suit the product on sale. The Freshboard is completely made from cardboard and as such fully printable; making this a major branding exercise for the off location sales of chilled products.


OPEN-TOP Freshboard

ISLAND Freshboard

CHECK-OUT Freshboard

Retail channels include: Product launches and promotions at supermarkets, convenience stores, trade shows and events 

Coolio  Grolsch Coolio  South Cape Coolio  Evian Coolio