Memberships are an essential ingredient to ensuring we keep up to date and educated about industry.

POPAI (Point of Purchase Advertising International):

POPAI is the only global, not-for-profit, industry association exclusively dedicated to serving the interests of all those involved in retail marketing. POPAI has 20 offices covering 45 countries and more than 1,300 members worldwide.

The organisation works to establish and maintain excellence in all aspects of retail marketing communications, raise standards of business practices and provide its membership with information to ensure POP's continued position as a vital part of the marketing mix.

POPAI conducts research and organises conferences, seminars and educational programmes to benefit our members who include Brands, Retailers, Agencies, POP Designers and Manufacturers, Suppliers of Digital Media in Retail and those working in Educational Sectors.

Active Display Group and POPAI:

We are long-term supporters of POPAI through sponsorships, training programs and creative services.

Jeff Gittus, Chairman and founder of Active Display Group is a past Chairman and life-member, and a Director of POPAI Australia & New Zealand since 2005.

POPAI Sustainability Committee:

The POPAI Sustainability Committee was set up to encourage its members to adopt good environmental practices. Its aim is to identify environmental risk opportunities within the industry and suggest guidelines to reduce pollution.

David Gittus, Managing Director of Active is part of POPAI's Sustainability committee and assists end-users with the tools needed to easily implement sustainable POP designs and practices.