The Active Fox: The fox is a symbol of our business’s ability to grow and change shape.

This origami fox is made referencing visual clues from the “Active Triangle/Arrow” part of the logo. The triangles layer and grow to become 3D elements like the angular pointy fox. The triangle itself is the strongest of visual forms and also references the vertical integration nature of our dynamic business.

A bit about the fox...The fox is resourceful and outsmarts the competition. To “Outfox” beat in a competition of wits.

The idea behind the look:

  • Architectural feel; we create retail environments
  • Contemporary
  • 3D elements
  • Friendly / quirky / fun
  • Tie into primary branding, but does not reference exactly
  • Strong enough to be used on own, but does not over power when with primary mark
  • Ability to grow, adapt and change
  • Links to Adval’s genius folding carton design know-how