At ACTIVE we are not only committed to 100% compliance with all environmental regulations governing the conduct of our business, we are pro-active in our quest for continual improvement to operate in more environmentally friendly ways. 


Environmental Focus Areas:

  • Energy efficient manufacturing
  • Recycling of manufacturing waste and by-products
  • Management of plant discharges to the sewer and the atmosphere
  • The suggestion and use of recyclable materials in production
  • Adopting manufacturing methods more readily permitting recycling at end-of-life
  • Quotation estimates to reclaim recyclable materials in goods no longer required

ACTIVE recieved POPAI's 2017 ENVIRONMENTAL STEWARDSHIP Award for our Myer A/W New Season Visual Merchandising. READ MORE ABOUT THIS ACTIVATION


In line with our policy of employing environmentally sound practices, we commissioned the CHIM 92 Automated Closed-Loop Screen Wash System. Benifits:

  1. Zero use of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC's) in the screen cleaning process. All chemicals are surfactant (soap) based.
  2. Vastly reduced water usage through filtering and re-using chemicals & water rather than using entirely fresh water as is the usual practice with most other Australian screen printers.
  3. Closed-loop system whereby used chemicals are captured and filtered for re-use rather than washed down the drain.
  4. Chemicals that can't be filtered any further, they are stored in tanks and sent away to be incinerated.



Our screen print production lines are supported by Australia's only two Luscher JetScreen Laser DX Computer to Screen exposure lines. These fully automatic lines allow us to produce screen prints at far higher resolution than any other printer in the country.

Our ability to produce high quality screen prints lets us provide high quality large format print at the most economical cost - as screen print becomes more cost effective than digital print above a run of around 150 prints. 



Our SIAS 5-colour screen printing press utilises a newly released electronic dying lamp control system which reduces power consumption by over 40% against comparable machines fitted with older style transformer systems. This machine was commissioned in July 2008.

LIGHTING: Use of energy efficient MV lighting in all manufacturing facilities

POWER SAVING: Energy waste minimalisation through automatic shut-down of non-essential power out of business hours (at main switchboards)

RECYCLING: All waste paper, plastic & metal products are collected and recycled

ELIMINATION OF CHEMICALS: No photographic chemicals are used in any processes since implementation of Direct to Screen technology.

COMPLIANCE: All manufacturing plants hold current 'Trade Waste' agreements with local Water Authorities.



• Where performance constraints permit, we will adopt mechanical fixing methods to join the various parts rather than adhesives.

• Mechanical joins permit the dismantling of uncontaminated components at end-of-life to permit effective re-use and recycling.

Where possible, use redressible store fixtures. E.g. Wall prints - redressable frames

FSC Certification

During 2015 ACTIVE was certified through the Forest Stewardship Council® as a Chain of Custody supplier for card/paper and timber products.

The FSC's vision is to work toward the world’s forests meeting the social, ecological, and economic rights and needs of the present generation without compromising those of future generations.

ACTIVE are now Chain of Custody certified to use the Trademark licensed FSC logo as labels on customer product, but only if the jobs are quoted & ordered as “FSC” jobs.


As POS and VM manufacturers, we have a commitment to keep supplying the most environmentally friendly VM solutions where possible, keeping in mind; recyclability, reusability, and energy efficiency at all times.

• All waste paper products are collected and recycled

• All fabric textile products are collected and recycled

• All plastic offcuts are sorted, separately stored and collected for recycling

• All aluminium offcuts & waste is collected & recycled

• All corflute & multiflute waste is collected & recycled

We are currently working on a partnership with Textile Recyclers Australia with the aim of creating a solution that is both environmentally and financially viable. READ ABOUT AFI BRANDING  - ECO PARTNERS